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During this 50-day reporting period, a total of 50 different nicks were represented on #maelfroth.

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Most active nicks
 NickNumber of linesWhen?Last seenRandom quote
1 Bluebottle71729100372216yesterday"Have got some work tasks done already, yay"
2 Lucy6481163801393 days ago"Gay sex now legal in India!"
3 Pufferfish44276178188yesterday"potentially like "most merrow""
4 pewterfish2894514297yesterday"Are buckets portable holes?"
5 MorkaisChosen286184330195yesterday"actually, hm. this does get into "what exactly is evil?""
6 Estantia260699695yesterday"calculating mastermind who sees people as thing sis cambion"
7 Teron2472269151yesterday"Lampstand: choose attempt duplex or that way lies madness"
8 lampstand24729468785today"Bluebottle: leave them for tomorrow"
9 Canashir2225127891172 days ago"Having enough sleep/food/water makes an impressive difference!"
10 Beornwulf185336187yesterday"Peter's not been filled in on that yet."
11 velocipedestrienne106870282 days ago"What does the server say if you utter "uptime"?"
12 Entimix10514430572 days ago"maybe I should revisit SWtOR some time..."
13 hikari966828yesterday"https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chinese_finger_trap#Variants"
14 ccooke931020623 days ago"Bluebottle: sim hospital derivative?"
15 staccato123913949315 days ago"seems like a sensible name"
16 Estawork47301730 days ago"It feels like informal shittalking in the hub at times :D"
17 Taxellor40535yesterday"Mine is the Heart Carnelian."
18 Winterlove31151153 days ago"Harriet Vane. Co-protagonist of several Wimsey novels."
19 Hoeloe3028232 days ago"https://twitter.com/BenHUlmer/status/1025989619572137985"
20 kelpie1911173 days ago"tiny birds hide in it when the sparrowhawk comes to visit"
21 Raven0r1914113yesterday"I was already in a pretty foul mood today so I thought perhaps it"
22 TehKatie18183 days ago"Pufferfish can I camp with your lot again?"
23 Aquarion188107 days ago"Lampstand: examine a Dunning-Kruger detector"
24 Sir_Gnome1511410 days ago"and that place was sawdust-palooza :P"
25 Locksmith1557322 days ago"*attempts to bargain them down to four hours a week*"
26 Wings142125 days ago"Bluebottle: I've been doing some writing with my dip pens and ran"
27 Squirrrrel111110 days ago"Fluffing bunnies https://imgur.com/gallery/WMbiQxg"
28 Mac10532yesterday"I am currently debating the merits of running a very hot bath and"
29 Squirrrel913239 days ago"I am crewing Waking Nightmare 2 :)"
30 fudge9633 days ago"Our Students Union is using "durham.su" as its Instagram name."
31 Canashir953148 days ago"But yes, I'm sure it's easy."
32 DragonDave8817 days ago"Any classicists around who could tell me whether an etymology of"
33 Bryn883 days ago"horh has now been repaired"
34 hikari_725yesterday"(I went because Blind Guardian were there)"
35 anachronism72517 days ago"Pufferfish: maybe just us. Blasted lungs"
36 Pufferfi1h7710 days ago"Next day: "Dear Mrs Warner""
37 Penumbra6633 days ago"haven't done any in aaaaaages"
38 fortyCakes6337 days ago"(how achievable that actually is may vary)"
39 Khimaera6332 days ago"I'm sure at one point I owned some IC writing implements..."
40 duckwhatduck443 days ago"If you eat me, no more feelings"
41 tokoeka3327 days ago"VERIFY REGISTER tokoeka lgbkqdrofmbf"
42 dwm3313 days ago"… someone has written on the whiteboard here, "Pascere in cibum"
43 fudge_3330 days ago"Huh. Turns out being a UK citizen from birth does not actually s"
44 kelpie__3333 days ago"whoop whoop immortal warrior queen saves cities souls"
45 Rattigan22yesterday"Auras all the way down?"
46 Estasew2219 days ago"also there is navy blue fluff everywhere"
47 Locksmit11148 days ago"* Locksmit1 stares at university teaching allocations"
48 Estanetbook1124 days ago"Pufferfish: hello I exist now"
49 Smallexor11today"Mostly DnD miniatures?"
50 otherange1110 days ago"I am cackling at the latest wind of fortune"

Big numbers
Is Taxellor stupid or just asking too many questions? 22.5% lines contained a question!
Estantia didn't know that much either. 20.0% of their lines were questions.
The loudest one was Estantia, who yelled 8.1% of the time!
Another old yeller was staccato123, who shouted 7.7% of the time!
It seems that MorkaisChosen's shift-key is hanging: 5.2% of the time they wrote UPPERCASE.
For example, like this:
     <MorkaisChosen> ( :-P )

Pufferfish just forgot to deactivate their Caps-Lock. They wrote UPPERCASE 2.0% of the time.
Nobody beat anyone up. Everybody was friendly.
Entimix brings happiness to the world. 18.1% lines contained smiling faces. :)
MorkaisChosen isn't a sad person either, smiling 16.8% of the time.
Entimix seems to be sad at the moment: 3.8% lines contained sad faces. :(
Beornwulf is also a sad person, crying 3.8% of the time.
lampstand wrote the longest lines, averaging 91.4 letters per line.
#maelfroth average was 64.4 letters per line.
Entimix wrote the shortest lines, averaging 34.6 characters per line.
Beornwulf was tight-lipped, too, averaging 38.8 characters.
Bluebottle spoke a total of 11022 words!
Bluebottle's faithful follower, Lucy, didn't speak so much: 7080 words.
fudge_ wrote an average of 25.67 words per line.
Channel average was 11.47 words per line.

Most used words
 Word Number of Uses Last Used by
1 about 169 Estantia
2 think 146 Estantia
3 Space 133 lampstand
4 there 123 Beornwulf
5 Earth 122 lampstand
6 missing 121 lampstand
7 object 121 lampstand
8 passed 120 lampstand
9 000km 118 lampstand
10 diameter 118 lampstand

Most referenced URLs
 URL Number of Uses Last Used by
1 http://www.magicspoiler.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/09/Niv-M 2 MorkaisChosen
2 https://t.co/CzKSosmV5y 2 lampstand
3 https://t.co/G1ls3kuA3Z 1 lampstand
4 https://twitter.com/davidschneider/status/103583421984557465 1 Lucy
5 https://t.co/OrA5nJPLBU 1 lampstand

Other interesting numbers
Nice opers here, no one got kicked!
Strange, no op was given on #maelfroth!
Wow, no op was taken on #maelfroth!
Bluebottle always lets us know what they're doing: 63 actions!
For example, like this:
     * Bluebottle waves to channel

Also, Lucy tells us what's up with 48 actions.
Lucy talks to themself a lot. They wrote over 5 lines in a row 9 times!
Another lonely one was MorkaisChosen, who managed to hit 6 times.
Rattigan couldn't decide whether to stay or go. 92 joins during this reporting period!
Beornwulf has quite a potty mouth. 0.2% words were foul language.
velocipedestrienne also makes sailors blush, 0.1% of the time.

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