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Most active nicks
 NickNumber of linesWhen?Last seenRandom quote
1 Bluebottle13702467313632 days ago"so I don't need to do anything about hotel bookings now :D"
2 MorkaisChosen110312637373567yesterday"soooo not one you want to get confused"
3 Pufferfish818159361297yesterday"I've managed to get Lampstand to do moon phases before"
4 Teron60661182351yesterday"pewterfish: oh wow. that is impressive"
5 Lucy53826106230176yesterday"Damn. Meant to pick up nail varnish today."
6 Estawork5092682413 days ago"... what about decoy cables?"
7 lampstand4705892168152today"[ DUCKBUNNY — I made a thing! It came out pretty good! ]"
8 pewterfish462652601362 days ago"Entimix: it's super windy, travel well"
9 ccooke37257481581092 days ago"https://twitter.com/i/web/status/962445024171405312"
10 Beornwulf3442012192120yesterday"That comes with time and practice"
11 smallrobin34074552118 days ago"i... i think i am starting to understand why people like RU"
12 duckbunny33110146171yesterday"and frogs getting eaten probably"
13 velocipedestrienne289391411092 days ago"Flip the R. If it worked for Korn..."
14 Estantia2241198115yesterday"ok, his has now cleared out"
15 Entimix215172977923 days ago"now all you need is a 1/3 off deal"
16 lines2155982744 days ago"See what pewterfish reckons."
17 fudge17913150163 days ago"Beornwulf: Seems practically obligatory at this point."
18 Winterlove1747471293 days ago"What have you got to lose?"
19 Crabbadon17123354667yesterday"...... i then forgot to edit it"
20 Canashir2159187664yesterday"Ditto for combining several coins into a single cube."
21 Raven0r154131692336 days ago"but thats for when Im hype for lifting really heavy shit :D"
22 Taxellor1421312116yesterday"Bluebottle: It is a piece of sprite based delicious cleverness"
23 Canashir1172331632 days ago"Ah, yes, you said European."
24 Wings1116216323 days ago"which was confirmed to be true"
25 hikari982533402 days ago"(I maintain they wouldn't have cared if he was a Tory)"
26 kelpie91262935yesterday"(sorry for the splurge, chan. BWIM thank you for being here <3 )"
27 dwm835601712 days ago"... which causes me to panic."
28 Aquarion7417565 days ago"(They were complaining about air pollution)"
29 Hoeloe714920yesterday"really incompetent bank, it seems"
30 Locksmith70222464 days ago"it is going to make me a social pariah for being a weird"
31 Nyetix61616 days ago"Witches is going to be a tricky one."
32 TehKatie575524 days ago"Cats are great but I am so allergic :("
33 invisible_al5630262 days ago"enjoy having a shower that works :)"
34 Mac48148262 days ago"Squirrel is Good At Event :)"
35 Hark4023818 days ago"The files you have seen are technically .jsx files"
36 anachronism3610265 days ago"Lucy: I think thats relative.. I've yet to get out of bed.."
37 SevenSecrets3424283 days ago"and another linked in the same place a coupe of weeks back"
38 tea3223021 days ago"fully integrated battery - it's a MacBook Air"
39 DeathCandy254101138 days ago"Andrew got rushed into A&E, I got told to go to A&E. :|"
40 Squirrrel2291124 days ago"Discovery: not even the Turkish Baths are enough to remove all th"
41 Crabbadon11735454 days ago"why would you send a 75 MEGABYTE word document to a translation a"
42 Sir_Gnome162142 days ago"it is a pain. i fiddled with the registry to stop it doing that"
43 Nyeti1522113 days ago"Praise Clippy, our blind idiot god"
44 Squirrel131213 days ago"Mac gets +1 bonus point of Public Health Responsibility"
45 Pfish2131325 days ago"...but apparently can't log in again yet"
46 ChessyPig123917 days ago"I find 'migraine' is the catch-all term for 'your brain did a wei"
47 MealCretaceous111135 days ago"Ellie sums up the event in a sentence:"
48 Locksplat1145226 days ago"God. Proper knackered this morning. o_O"
49 smalldinosaur101035 days ago"that is the correct spelling"
50 fortyCakes9363 days ago"Estawork: a minnie-avalanche or a big one?"
51 Smallexor8816 days ago"Precise, minute fireballs which did not destroy the Library :p"
52 Corinthus835yesterday"(I still prefer Lexipodes)"
53 DeathCandy16646 days ago"WFH until Friday to let my torn muscle rest!"
54 rvnr54135 days ago"today is the probably last day of it though"
55 Pufferfi1h337 days ago"or rather, going to come down with it while there"
56 AndroUser2336 days ago"This WiFi isn't quite up to standard."
57 Teron-sleep32139 days ago"hm I did buy the expansion thingy and then never played it after"
58 Khimaera31217 days ago"this discussion is reminding me I need to update my CV"
59 hikari_2114 days ago"On the plus side you're apparently made of gay asbestos?"
60 Estamob2216 days ago"boop"
61 Estantom1115 days ago"(I am on tom's laptop. this is because he has fallen asleep behin"
62 AndroUser116 days ago"Evening all :)"
63 Malselene1112 days ago"I wanted to write an IC letter tonight, but after 15 minutes of s"

Big numbers
Is velocipedestrienne stupid or just asking too many questions? 17.3% lines contained a question!
Canashir2 didn't know that much either. 16.4% of their lines were questions.
The loudest one was kelpie, who yelled 13.2% of the time!
Another old yeller was dwm, who shouted 7.2% of the time!
It seems that Locksmith's shift-key is hanging: 7.1% of the time they wrote UPPERCASE.
For example, like this:
     <Locksmith> I HAZ PRESENTATION

smallrobin just forgot to deactivate their Caps-Lock. They wrote UPPERCASE 6.8% of the time.
Nobody beat anyone up. Everybody was friendly.
smallrobin brings happiness to the world. 32.4% lines contained smiling faces. :)
invisible_al isn't a sad person either, smiling 26.8% of the time.
Raven0r seems to be sad at the moment: 4.5% lines contained sad faces. :(
pewterfish is also a sad person, crying 3.0% of the time.
fudge wrote the longest lines, averaging 109.7 letters per line.
#maelfroth average was 63.8 letters per line.
Entimix wrote the shortest lines, averaging 24.5 characters per line.
invisible_al was tight-lipped, too, averaging 33.5 characters.
Bluebottle spoke a total of 17912 words!
Bluebottle's faithful follower, MorkaisChosen, didn't speak so much: 10424 words.
Teron-sleep wrote an average of 35.00 words per line.
Channel average was 11.41 words per line.

Most used words
 Word Number of Uses Last Used by
1 about 412 hikari
2 think 319 Crabbadon
3 there 315 MorkaisChosen
4 people 293 Crabbadon
5 because 277 Teron
6 which 264 Lucy
7 would 255 Crabbadon
8 thing 221 Teron
9 going 218 Beornwulf
10 things 202 Teron

Most referenced URLs
 URL Number of Uses Last Used by
1 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Five_Dysfunctions_of_a_Tea 2 Bluebottle
2 https://matt.sh/anatomy-of-a-fraud 2 Bluebottle
3 https://careers.peopleclick.com/careerscp/client_arm/externa 2 smallrobin
4 http://uk.businessinsider.com/intel-ceo-krzanich-sold-shares 2 pewterfish
5 https://careers.peopleclick.com/careerscp/client_arm/externa 2 smallrobin

Other interesting numbers
Nice opers here, no one got kicked!
Strange, no op was given on #maelfroth!
Wow, no op was taken on #maelfroth!
Teron always lets us know what they're doing: 86 actions!
For example, like this:
     * Teron kicks brain, tries to convince it to cover letter

Also, Bluebottle tells us what's up with 78 actions.
Bluebottle talks to themself a lot. They wrote over 5 lines in a row 16 times!
Another lonely one was Estawork, who managed to hit 9 times.
Crabbadon couldn't decide whether to stay or go. 113 joins during this reporting period!
invisible_al has quite a potty mouth. 0.6% words were foul language.
Sir_Gnome also makes sailors blush, 0.5% of the time.

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