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[15:08]  <Aquarion>  I wonder how Marios feels about his political meta-thread turning into a navy joke cascade, furry transexualism and then only to be closed for a thread devoted to both.
Sometimes, #maelfroth gets bored. When #maelfroth gets bored, Rule7 suffers. - 2008-01-15 15:10:16
[09:48]  <oxfordgirl>  It will be open in 5 minutes, the news will be out on Sunday and I have written all my faction briefings.
[09:48]  <oxfordgirl>  In other news, I agree with the angel Mardocai...
[09:49]  <Winterlove>  Oooooooooiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnkkkkkkkk!
[09:49]  <oxfordgirl>  PULL!
[09:49]  <Pufferfish>  ?
[09:49]  <Winterlove>  *bang*!
- 2008-01-15 09:52:44
[00:44] *** Illithidbix_Invading_France has joined #maelfroth.
[00:44] * oxfordgirl dances with Tom.
[00:45] Canashir: France?
[00:48] Canashir: I suspect his software connected automatically when he turned on the computer.
[00:48] Canashir: And he's not reading this.
[00:48] * Canashir takes out a pot of paint.
[00:48] * Orev gets the clippers
[00:48] * Scar gets the glue and feathers
[00:48] * Canashir draws a noughts-and-crosses board on Illithidbix_Invading_France's head with a fine brush.
[00:49] oxfordgirl: :D :D
[00:49] * Canashir puts an X in the bottom left corner.
[00:49] * Canashir offers the brush.
[00:49] * Orev shaves off all Illithidbix_Invading_France body hair. Except the naughty bits, obv
[00:49] * Orev puts an 0 in the center
[00:50] * Canashir puts an X at top left.
[00:50] * Orev puts an 0 center left
[00:51] * Canashir draws an X in the non-losing spot.
[00:53] * Orev puts an O top right
[00:53] Orev: Stalemate, I think
We got bored ;) - 2008-01-15 00:57:49
<Aestar> I need to manifest as a cute naked catgirl with crappily phys-repped ears and an unflattering bodysuit and spend next event purring and rubbing up against alonzo's RAW NAKED THROBBING FAILWEMICNADS
- 2008-01-14 02:00:19
<oxfordgirl> Gracewing: We have an adequate supply of our own bricks, but thank you. We will Supplicate when we need more. :D
- 2008-01-13 23:23:49
<Aestar> quick, he can't call EXECUTE if your tongue is in his mouth!
- 2008-01-13 22:27:15
[21:15]  <Jenasto>  Scraf is a word used to spell farcs backwards. Farcs means 'Belongs to the revolutionary armed forces of Columbia'
SCRAF. - 2008-01-12 21:16:14
<Coops> Do you reckon Wasps do it like those Japanese guys do in oriental porn?
We don't, really. - 2008-01-12 18:41:03
Felix: Maybe people don't think of a perpetual Snaz monster as something they can have a long-term adventure with? They just think of you as there for one encounter...
Felix, on Helly.... - 2008-01-11 17:30:19
[12:06] oxfordgirl: Orev: If you can do that with your hips, sweetheart, I won't need to kill you, you'll dislocate your own pelvis and die...
Oxford and Orev on the Rum Tum Tugger - 2008-01-11 17:05:56
<oxfordgirl> Actually, Aestar, it seemed to look bigger when he was twatting you repeatedly round the head with it. Dunno why.
- 2008-01-11 16:58:12
<Aestar> bet they aren't as small as my sister's
context ftl - 2008-01-11 00:37:08
<Aestar> you know where you stand with aestar. As far away as possible.
- 2008-01-06 19:05:08

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